Four Gluten-Free Indulgences

From crave-worthy cookies to carrot-based brownies, four new ways to skip the gluten without sacrificing taste


Finding gluten-free products is easier than ever, but finding tasty treats with good texture remains a constant challenge. Here are five new treats that we think hit the mark.

Tate’s Bake Shop

A forever favorite, Tate’s chocolate chip cookies are now available without the gluten. These thin crunchy cookies achieve a rare level of tastiness and texture not often found in gluten-free products, and taste nearly identical to their wheat cousins. They’re made with rice flour and the same all-natural ingredients as their usual gourmet-baked goods—and taste just as good. Head to Tate’s webstore to order a batch, $38 will get you six bags of 12 cookies each. And for your gluten-eating friends, try the new Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies, which add an earthiness that takes the original to a whole new level.

Tokies-brownies.jpg Tokies-pancakes.jpg Tokies-cake.jpg

This mother-and-daughter team takes an unusual approach to traditional ready-to-use mixes by using carrot hulls as well as grains, lending moisture and fluffiness. Plus, there’s plenty of room or improvisation during preparation of the natural mixes, allowing for last-minute confectionary additions. “Stella’s chocolate indulgence” brownie mix sells for $9 a box. Also check out Tokies‘ gluten-free pancake and chocolate cake mix.

Marions-lemon-bars.jpg Marions-muffin-mix.jpg
Marion’s Smart Delights

Few sweet treats complement a temperate afternoon quite like a homemade lemon bar. Look no further than Marion’s lemon bar mix for an easy route to satisfying that summer sweet-tooth while skipping the gluten. Certified Kosher, made with less salt and over one-third less sugar than the leading lemon bar mix, Marion’s brings a refreshingly delicate balance of tart and sweetness. Available for $7 a box from their online shop. While you’re there we recommend giving the cookie and muffin mix a try too.

Glutenus Minimus

Devoted to bringing the finest gluten-free products to the lovely folks of Massachusetts and beyond, Glutenus Minimus bakery (not pictured) offers a wonderful selection of products baked daily—from take-and-bake mixes to 15 muffin flavors and wedding cakes. With 14 Massachusets locations and an online market, you’ll never be too far from a delectable gluten-free guilty-pleasure.