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Museum of Ice Cream, LA

Downtown’s Arts District serves as a temporary home for the photogenic monument to dessert

by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick

From 22 April through 29 May, a warehouse space in Downtown LA‘s Arts District will stand as a monument to dessert: it is the temporary home of the Museum of Ice Cream. The Museum lies at the sensory intersection of sweet tooth and Instagram and is the highly anticipated West coast sequel to last summer’s New York showing. A few crowd-pleasers from the original presentation remain—like the oddly mesmerizing pool of sprinkles—but the bulk of the Museum features new ice cream-adjacent curiosities like a chocolate soil garden of mint, a Warholian cascade of bananas, and confectionary riffs on iconic Los Angeles locations.

A handful of the installations break from being elaborate serving stations for snacks and let artists inspired by ice cream do whatever they want. These include Abel Bentin’s neo-classical goth soft-serve meditation and Baker’s Son‘s leaky flotilla of popsicles. There are ample opportunities for treats from local stars like McConnell’s in addition to curious sponsored reprieves from Dove Chocolate, Lolli, and Soylent. Across the board, it’s a wildly playful and photogenic museum—take a look through our slideshow above.

Tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream can be purchased online and are likely to go fast.

Images by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick


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