Two New Hemp Foods


As hemp steadily makes the transition from hippie health food to antioxidant du jour, two new products stand out for tasting good while also reaping the benefits of the seed. Rich with Omegas, all 10 essential Amino Acids and other vitamins and nutrients, hemp is a good alternative source of protein and, in the case of Hempmilk, it's a good stand-in for milk.

Available in chocolate, vanilla and original flavors, Hempmilk has none of the overwhelming soy flavor and the resident CH health nut liked the chocolate flavor but said he still prefers the thicker texture of other non-dairy milks. Buy a pint from Hempmilk.

Using hemp to flavor their organic dark chocolate bars, Dagoba mixes in hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and seasons it with Balinese sea salt. The result is a complementary mix of nuts and chocolate livened up by the bite of the salt. Look for it in your local grocery store or get a case ($36) from Dagoba.