A Björk mixtape, new music by Loma, a sad farewell to Chuck Mosley and more in this week's music

Faith No More: We Care a Lot

Former frontman of Faith No More, Chuck Mosley sadly passed away at 57 years old. During the mid ’80s, when Faith No More was pioneering alt-metal (which ultimately made way for rap-rock), Mosley was the vocalist on the breakout hit “We Care a Lot.” Blending punk, rock, metal and rap, Faith No More went through several line-up changes, but Mosley’s punk attitude and vocals helped the band make an impact. He then briefly fronted Bad Brains and went on to embark on a solo career.

Björk: The Cover Mix

With a track list that includes flute, various birdsong from Iceland and the music of Kelela, Kelly Lee Owens, Arca, Steve Reich and Serpentwithfeet, Björk’s “The Cover Mix” is a mind-bending sonic adventure stretched across 46+ minutes. Assembled (in Pro Tools) for Mix Mag, in celebration of her forthcoming album Utopia, the mix thrills at times while enveloping the listener in a blanket of delicate, curious sounds at other times. All the while, there’s a power here that only Björk can conjure.

Loma: Black Willow

An introductory track and video, “Black Willow” more or less announces Loma, a band featuring Shearwater singer Jonathan Meiburg, and Emily Cross and Dan Duszynski of Cross Record. Together, they’ve produced eerie, mesmerizing soundscapes set to a mystical music video—an alluring tease at what they’re capable of. The track will close out their self-titled debut album which drops on Sub Pop 16 February 2018.

Ella Vos: I Know You Care

With “I Know You Care,” Ella Vos continues her string of beautiful, powerful electro-pop tracks. Once again, the LA-based songwriter and vocalist delivers sing-along lyrics of tremendous depth. Her highly anticipated debut album Words I Never Said, from which this song was drawn, will release 17 November.

Blitzen Trapper: Joanna

An acoustic tune strumming along the waves of a haunting narrative, Blitzen Trapper’s “Joanna” tells the tale of a woman who shoots the man that sexually assaulted her. The somber song comes complete with a first person perspective video of the scene the song depicts. It occasionally flickers over to lead singer Eric Earley serenading an empty room. The track appears on the band’s theatrical and political new album, Wild and Reckless. The band is presently touring the US.

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