Word of Mouth: Andalusia, Spain

Take a culinary road trip around this charming region

Physicists Build a Wheel that Rolls Uphill

University of Amsterdam’s Corentin Coulais and University of Chicago’s Vincenzo Vitelli, along with their collaborators, invented a wheel that seemingly defies physics. Dubbed “Odd Matter,” the wheel—comprised of six small motors tethered together with plastic arms and rubber bands—wiggles and gyrates to travel uphill. This writhing enables the wheel to adjust to difficult terrain despite not having any cognizance of the environment. It’s a phenomenon …

Gut Harmony Digestion


From Arizona-based wellness studio Mount Sunny comes Gut Harmony Digestion, a potent, adaptogenic formula that targets digestive stressors while bolstering the gut microbiome. Comprising chaga, Hawthorne berry, citrus peel, poria and baked licorice, these capsules alleviate bloating, indigestion, food stagnation and bowl movements. One bottle contains 120 capsules, which is enough to last one month.


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Recycling Glass into Sand and Gravel to Fight Climate Change

Founded in 2020, Glass Half Full is a New Orleans-based startup that recycles glass to make sand and gravel to be used in disaster relief, construction, new products and boosting coastal restoration—an issue particularly pertinent to Louisiana where coastal degradation occurs aggressively. After sourcing discarded glass from their donation service, as well as local restaurants and businesses that they partner with, the company pulverizes the …

Remastered Photographs From The Apollo Space Missions

NASA’s Apollo mission photographs have been widely circulated for decades, but now remastered versions of the images have been revealed. They appear in a new book called Apollo Remastered, which is filled with photographs from the archive, immaculately restored by Andy Saunders. It’s quite remarkable, when considering the sharpness of the original images, which—Tim Peake, an astronaut who introduces the book, says—is what sparked conspiracy …

Viking Textiles Reveal Misconceptions About Women’s Power in Medieval Societies

The understood role of North Atlantic Viking women is often domestic, placing them second to men. However, new studies reveal these assumptions were made with present-day bias and that women were integral to the evolution of Medieval societies. At the forefront of this research is Michèle Hayeur Smith, an anthropological archaeologist at Brown University who analyzed textiles from the era to unearth the lives of …

Sending Solar Panels to Space to One Day Power Homes on Earth

The world’s largest solar technology company, Longi Green Energy Technology Co, is preparing to send its solar panels to space to test the feasibility of creating off-planet power stations that can fuel homes on Earth. By situating solar panels in space, where they are positioned with an unrestricted view of the sun, the company seeks to resolve a major drawback of solar power: panels can’t …

Listen Up

A banger with rave energy, genre-blurring funk, an orchestral rumination and more new music


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Men Explain Things to Me


Writer, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit’s Men Explain Things to Me captures the gender dynamics that haunt conversations between men and women. With acuity and humor, Solnit delves into mansplaining, why it occurs and the continuing pertinence of resisting misogyny wherever it arises. This updated edition comprises seven sharp essays.


Single Mushroom Hoop Earring


This 18k gold-plated, mushroom-shaped earring shines with refined details, from its textured finish to its pearl-encrusted cap. Crafted by Natia Chkhartishvili and Tamar Svanidze’s jewelry house Eshvi, the single hoop is both earthy and elegant.


Uro Pants


Crafted from a blend of linen and eucalyptus viscose, the Uro Pants from Eÿn Vas are super-comfortable for lounging around yet elevated enough to wear out of the house. Featuring a soft waistband and interior drawstring, they offer plenty of flexibility while remaining stylish, from the slightly cropped fit to the ink-like black hue with a subtle texture that obscures lint.


Drizzle & Sizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Combo Pack


Extra virgin olive oils for finishing and cooking, Graza’s Drizzle and Sizzle are both made from native Picual olives (grown in Jaén, Spain) but yield very different results. Drizzle—intended for enjoying with bread, incorporating into salad dressings or adding flavor to a dish—is crafted from young, green olives that are packed with peppery flavor. Sizzle, on the other hand, is for cooking and is made from …


Makaya McCraven: In These Times

The title track from Makaya McCraven’s recently released album, In These Times, is a swirling, otherworldly piece that perfectly sets the tone for the album. The Chicago-based composer, bandleader, producer and multi-instrumentalist’s music artfully combines elements of jazz, hip-hop, Motown, folk, funk and beyond to create an elegant melange. The album itself is an amalgam—made up of snippets of improv sessions and live performances that …

Phony Ppl: Nowhere But Up

Out today, Phony Ppl’s new track “Nowhere But Up” further solidifies the Brooklyn-based band’s flair for blending genres—from jazz to hip-hop, pop and beyond. This new song incorporates retro funk and R&B, borrowing from Cherrelle’s 1984 hit “I Didn’t Mean to Turn You On” (later covered by Robert Palmer) for a playful, spirited and optimistic bop.

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Ferrari Roma Tailor Made, Specially Crafted for COOL HUNTING

A glorious amalgam of Japanese and Italian craftsmanship and style

In 2019 we were invited by Ferrari to participate in their Tailor Made customization program with the encouragement to expand and explore the use of colors, materials and finishes further than the luxury automaker has ever done before. We had just returned from our CH Japan trip, and as we were still inspired by indigo and traditional Japanese crafts we decided to bring some of …

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Apollo mission photography restored, pulverizing glass for coastal restoration, bowfin regurgitalite and more

September Scotch: Aston Martin + Bowmore ARC-52

A rare 52-year-old single malt scotch whisky in an eye-catching vessel designed by the luxury automaker

Flo: Not My Job

UK girl group Flo returns with “Not My Job,” a bonus track from their latest EP, The Lead, that sees the trio continuing to blend old-school R&B with modern sensibilities. The track surges forward on floating harmonies, jumping baselines and synths, all produced neatly by frequent collaborator MNEK. Singing about (and with) confidence, the three-piece’s latest offering is a melodic ode to empowerment.

Floating Points: Problems

Simmering with rave party energy, the new drum-heavy Floating Points track “Problems” borrows elements from UK garage to create an absolute banger. The video, directed by frequent collaborators Hamill Industries, features dancers within lights that are created using vector rescanning. “‘Problems’ is meant to agitate every single room that its ecstatic sound waves reach,” Hamill Industries says in a statement. “We wanted to celebrate it …

Weyes Blood: It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody

Weyes Blood (aka Natalie Mering) is set to follow up 2019’s critically acclaimed Titanic Rising with the new 10-track release And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (out 18 November). It’s the second LP in a trilogy from the singer-songwriter. From it comes the lead single, “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody,” a sprawling, orchestral rumination on loneliness, instability and interconnectedness. Mary Lattimore’s lush harp arrangement and …

Fuel Cells

ABCNEWS.com : Fuel Cells to Power Portable Electronics President Bush is actually pushing R&D on an environmentally friendly, long lasting power source that can be used in mobile phones or even cars!?


Urban tech meets outdoor performance. And it all looks really cool, too. Arcteryx used to just make climbing gear, but now their line has expanded. And their site is pretty slick, too.

New World Trade Center Designs

The design decision for the next World Trade Center is down to 2 possibilities. One is from THINK, the other from Libeskind. More information is on the Lower Manhattan Web Site