Colorful Conflict at Frieze, Felix + Art Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fairs

Six highlights from LA's exemplary week of artistic immersion

Political Pop Artist Peter Saul’s Powerful “Crime and Punishment” Exhibition at New Museum

More than 60 paintings from 86-year-old artist—and Pop Art progenitor—Peter Saul speak from the walls of New Museum in the retrospective Crime and Punishment. Each, pulled from 50 years of work, offers a societal critique so sharp—but sometimes masked in cartoonish comedy and color—that one might not feel the attack. Through racism and violence, political ineptness and corruption, Saul pokes and prods at public figures …

Brushed Alpaca Droplet Coverlet


Constructed from 100% brushed, hand-loomed alpaca, CH favorite Jonathan Adler’s aptly titled Droplet Coverlet features a piano key-like pattern of elongated drops and lollipop shapes. Thrown over the top of a bed or a couch, the cover acts as its own hybrid: a combination of a throw and a woven comforter. Each made-to-order item is woven by hand in Peru and measures out to 98 …


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La Bisbal, Spain’s Chocolate Factory Turned Residence

From the bones of a former chocolate factory, rising three stories on a historic block dating back to the late nineteenth century, architects Anna and Eugeni Bach fashioned a light-filled residence. The architects preserved the building’s stone-bearing facade and embarked upon different design directions for each of the floors within—from supporting a Catalan vault on the ground floor to employing large logs beneath brick and …

Farewell to Cut, Copy, and Paste Inventor Larry Tesler

An Apple, Xerox, Amazon, Yahoo, and 23AndMe alum—and an early researcher in the field of artificial intelligence—Larry Tesler may not be as well-known as early computing icons like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, or Steve Wozniak, but his impact on the industry remains important today. Tesler popularized the tools cut, copy, and paste while working on Xerox PARC’s mouse-driven user interface—specifically an app within it called …

Bomb-Sniffing Cyborg Grasshoppers

Dogs and even pigs have long been heralded as having the ultimate snout—one capable of detecting bombs, drugs, truffles, and even human beings through thick brush and dense soil. But, courtesy of a bit of high-tech engineering, cyborg grasshoppers may be the ultimate nose after all. Researchers at the University of Missouri inserted electrodes into the antennal lobes of each grasshopper (the “brain” of the …

Assembly-Free “Origami” Furniture

Degrees of Freedom carefully designs and produces assembly-free furniture and decor. Helmed by former Space X engineer Brian Ignaut, the ingenious brand’s pieces unfold into legs, and then require a mere rotation before they can be used. Right now, Ignaut builds the prototypes himself, which drives prices up for consumers. But, his goal is to get the final cost to something more affordable. Considering the …

Interview: Ravi Naidoo, Founder of Design Indaba

As the 25th edition approaches, its key creative figure shares his thoughts on design as a tool

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Creosote Rosemary Cream


Made from wildcrafted Creosote (the “quintessential desert scent”), organic rosemary and jojoba oil, beeswax and mango seed butter, Sonoran Rosie’s aptly titled Creosote Rosemary Cream carries notes of sun-soaked wood and wild herbs. Creosote heals sunspots, soothes sunburns, repels mosquitoes and other bugs, and aids in the prevention of infection, as the plant boasts antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Plus, this cream helps to heal tattoos …


LomoChrome Metropolis Reloadable Film Camera


Lomography’s preloaded “disposable” camera looks and functions like a simple, convenience store option—and can fit in a pocket, too—but it produces better and arguably more interesting photos. With LomoChrome Metropolis ISO 100-400 film inside, shots will tend toward the grungier and more contrasty end of the analog spectrum. Once you’re finished with this film pack, the camera can be refilled with any of Lomography’s 35mm …


The Hometown Issue


Travel and food magazine Fifty Grande addresses the various scenes—both small and large in scale—across the US, encouraging readers to enjoy the nation’s domestic and culinary grandeur. For its first issue, the focus lies on hometowns. But, to introduce readers to the magazine’s particular lens, it all begins with a thesis statement of sorts: “How do you begin a fresh exploration of the United States …


Light Roast Instant Coffee


Waka Coffee contradicts the expectations of instant coffee by employing a freeze-drying process that preserves the natural flavors in each bean. This particular coffee comes from 100% Arabica beans, sourced from India and hit with a light roast that imparts notes of dark chocolate and smooth hazelnut. Made in seconds, by mixing hot water with the crystalized beans, this coffee proves nearly indistinguishable from machine-made …


The Voodoo Children: Caroline

An indie rock composition centered on the subject of support in times of emotional tumult, Nashville-based The Voodoo Children’s “Caroline” churns and stirs and chugs along. Steered by musician and artist JT Daly, the music collective’s debut EP, Instant Nostalgia, will release sometime later this year. If this lead single is any indicator, one can expect more thoughtful, moody tunes from the band and its …

CW&T’s Clever Solid State Watch

Housed inside a permanent resin case, the watch features no buttons or knobs and can never be adjusted

Funding on Kickstarter now and already beyond its goal, Brooklyn studio CW&T‘s Solid State Watch emphasizes the fact that the passing of time is one of life’s few constants. Using the “guts” of a Casio F-91W watch, Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy (CW&T’s founders) construct a timepiece without buttons, knobs, or the layers that typically form a face and case. Instead, the two encase the …

Tender Details Define Brooklyn’s Latest Japanese Restaurant, Rule of Thirds

Located inside of A/D/O by MINI, a design-forward restaurant that emphasizes interactivity

A collaborative project from Brooklyn-based Sunday Hospitality, George Padilla and JT Vuong, the restaurant Rule of Thirds lies just beyond the nARCHITECTS-designed courtyard at A/D/O by MINI, a mixed-use creative space in Greenpoint. To remain consistent with the venue’s overall ethos, careful attention was paid to design—both of the restaurant itself and of its finer details. Japan-inspired, Rule of Thirds adopts concepts from the island …

The Future Perfect’s Casa Perfect Los Angeles 3.0

An untouched architectural gem from 1971 transformed into a showcase for contemporary design

The Weeknd: After Hours

The Weeknd’s new six-minute single, “After Hours,” the title track off his forthcoming album, combines three separate acts: an ambient beginning reminiscent of the artist’s earlier works; a strobing, ballad-blending middle that references sub-genre singles by producers like Attlas and Lane 8; and an ending that interpolates Gesaffelstein’s “Opr.” Roaring synths carry the track to its peak—a moment that marks The Weeknd’s strongest vocal delivery, …

The Mental Magic of Paramedical Tattoos

Tattoos, though cosmetic in nature, have a diverse and longstanding history of significant purpose. For Eternal Ink Tattoo Studio owner Eric Catalano, an unexpected request led to a moment of discovery: while tattooing fingernails on a man that lost the tips of two fingers in a construction accident, he realized the restorative power of a new medium dubbed paramedical tattooing. Since, he’s tattooed discolored or …

Papooz: Figs and Gorgonzola

French dance-pop duo Papooz (composed of rhythm guitarist Armand Penicaut and vocalist/lead guitarist Ulysse Cottin) returns with “Figs and Gorgonzola,” a laid back and charming tale of love. The comfortably catchy single follows up the group’s well-received 2019 album release, Night Sketches. Papooz will embark upon a North American tour starting 18 February in Brooklyn.

Inside the Red Wing Shoes Repair Shop

The heritage brand's Minnesota factory gives footwear further life

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Recreates a 1975 Soapbox Derby

Organized by SFMOMA, the original event raised funds for the museum

Levi’s Vintage Clothing, a subset of the larger apparel manufacturer, relies on past styles, textiles, and trends as their source material. Each season, or for each special release, the design team surveys the brand’s rich history for storylines or moments pertinent to today. For their Spring/Summer 2020 campaign, they recreated a 1975 Soapbox Derby held by SFMOMA (to celebrate their transition from the San Francisco …

25th Anniversary Citizen Medal Messenger


To celebrate their 25th anniversary, Chrome Industries has released a collection of limited-edition colorways for their iconic Citizen Medal Messenger bag: Old School, Glitter, Checkered Flag, and Neon Splatter. Referencing styles passed and biking motifs of yesteryear, these playful, high-performing bags celebrate the technically-inclined and design-savvy brand. Our personal favorite, Gold Glitter, adds a pop of color to an otherwise all-black bag designed to carry …


Art Prostitute 6: T-shirt Weekend

A two-day event this September 17 and 18, at Williamsburg gallery Riviera, celebrates Art Prostitute's 6th issue by giving away exclusive tees designed by Los Angeles artist Luke Cheuh to the first 25 purchasers of the book. Printed on Eames paper (inspired by the couple's work and philosophy; check out Eames Office site for a nerdy Rebus if you need to waste some time), the …


Neatly solving a toss-up between putting hip-hop balladeer Common (pictured left) or Welsh actor Ioan Gruffudd on the cover, British magazine Blag chose both, placing the former on the front and the latter on the back. That kind of casual innovation is the norm for this arts-and-culture tome, founded over a decade ago and produced by twins Sarah and Sally Edwards. The most recent issue …


RESFEST, now in its 9th year, premieres this week (15 – 18 September) at New York's Tribeca Performing Arts Center, followed by more than 40 cities worldwide. One of the few showcases for cutting-edge music video and motion graphics work, these two exclusive images are both by Japanese directors featured in the 5th annual "By Design" series in RESFEST 2005's jam-packed lineup. Culling the latest …