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An Exhibition That Celebrates Failure

Featuring 40 objects on loan from Sweden’s Museum of Failure, Cité du Design’s exhibition, When Design Flops (on view online) celebrates lessons learned during the design process, as well as inventions that are intentionally absurd. From a twin champagne glass to the somewhat frightening Little Miss No-Name doll, many of these creations were artistic endeavors, while others were enormous (and costly) snafus. Some designs were …

Mixed Emotions Perfume


New from BYREDO, Mixed Emotions incorporates surprising scents to create an entirely transportive fragrance. The perfume boasts top notes of earthy, herbaceous maté and a little tang from blackcurrant; a heart of radiant, floral ceylon black tea and green, fresh violet leaves; and a woody, calming base of papyrus and birch. While the combination sounds busy, the result is divine—a slightly sweet but grounding scent.


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Microsoft Mesh’s Virtual Advancements in Mixed Reality

“It all felt like a Microsoft Teams meeting set in the future,” The Verge Senior Editor Tom Warren says of his experience inside the Microsoft Mesh collaborative platform—a mixed-reality space, which he accessed via the HoloLens 2 headset, that allows for shared virtual experiences. It’s Microsoft’s intention to achieve “holoportation” (where people appear as a digital form of themselves), but right now users arrive as …

Central Saint Martins Students Redesign the Birkenstock

As Wallpaper* notes, the comfort provided by Birkenstock’s ergonomic “Arizona” sandal led it to be one of the most shopped footwear items of 2020. As the German brand eyes an acquisition by LVMH, Birkenstock releases the results of their two-year collaboration with the BA Fashion History & Theory and MA Fashion courses at London’s acclaimed fashion education institution, Central Saint Martins. What began as an …

Toronto’s 7,000-Seat Esports Arena by Populous

Designed by architecture studio Populous and slated for completion in 2025, Toronto’s currently unnamed multi-purpose arena incorporates state-of-the-art features necessary to facilitate large-scale esports events (where competitive video games are played for spectators). In addition to the acoustics-oriented swooping roof, renderings for the 7,000-seat stadium include an array of screens that form a comprehensive media facade. Developer OverActive Media, owner of two Toronto esports franchise …

Art Basel Debuts Free Spring Digital Film Program

Commencing with South Korean artists Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho’s dialogue-free (but meticulously sound-designed) short film, The Ways of Folding Space & Flying, Art Basel’s 2021 digital film program presents free online screenings selected by Art Basel Film sector curator Li Zhenhua. This short, which explores Taoist philosophical concepts, premiered at the 2015 Venice Biennale. Other films in the line-up—which are united by the theme “You …

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Few Words Shave Drops


Entirely composed of sustainably sourced natural ingredients, Biography’s Few Words shave drops nourish and protect facial hair and the surrounding skin. This vegan, cruelty-free oil incorporates organic camellia seed oil, rosehip fruit oil, aloe leaf oil and eight other essential oils. They harmonize for a spicy, verdant fragrance. The drops can be used to soothe, moisturize, prevent razor burn—or as a beard oil.


Roman Hours Book


A vivid reflection on the sensory delights of Rome, photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron and author André Aciman’s collaborative Roman Hours book weaves together two inspiring perspectives. Montgomery Barron’s imagery invokes the Eternal City’s textures and prints its light upon the page. Aciman’s words tour life and love through passing moments. This 116-page cloth-bound book is the first within the Ivorypress Cities series. Price is in Euros. …


Matcha Green Tea “Movement Bundle”


Made using the highest quality matcha, Tenzo’s Movement Bundle comprises a tin of tea and a reusable blender bottle to take your beverage on the go. The tin contains 30 grams of tea, which equates to 60 servings of matcha drinks that provide clarity, focus and energy—without the jitters or anxiety thanks to the naturally occurring calming amino acid, Theanine. Without the grassy flavors that …


Bento Lip Balm + Scrub


This clever two-in-one lip kit from Kaja (meaning “let’s go” in Korean) comprises a strawberry-scented and flavored scrub with a flavor-free lip balm. Unscrew the bottom to use the gentle scrub, and flip the cap to reveal the creamy balm—which also provides a subtle gloss. With the aid of grape seed oil, strawberry extract, vitamin E and olive squalane, lips feel super-smooth and nourished after …


Celia Hollander: 5:59PM

LA-based multidisciplinary artist Celia Hollander works within various mediums (from performance to installation and text) and her ambient track “5:59PM” teases to a forthcoming debut album Timekeeper. Blending elements of electro and acoustic, the otherworldly soundscape takes listeners on a tranquil trip.

Alice Longyu Gao feat. Mura Masa + Bülow: She Abunai

Featuring Mura Masa and Bülow, NYC-based songwriter, DJ and performance artist Alice Longyu Gao’s new track “She Abunai” begins with whispers, giggles and bubbly, latex sounds, but eventually unfurls into a more melodic track than her previous offerings. The catchy tune boasts a distinctly avant-pop vibe, replete with industrial and dance influences that create a simultaneously metallic and sugary sound.

Premiere: “Water is Life” by Holly Miranda

A collaborative track, born from years of charity and protest performances, with proceeds going to Project Zero

Producer Photay’s New, Ethereal Album Based on Captured Audio

The 13-track album transforms hold music and spotlights the "magic within the mundane"

Menahan Street Band: Devil’s Respite

Menahan Street Band’s first album in nine years, The Exciting Sounds of Menahan Street Band, arrived last week via Daptone Records. The powerful, downtempo “Devil’s Respite” contrasts other upbeat tracks on the album. A mix of slow-burning city jazz and an expanding drum beat, the track presents several feats of analog instrumentation, including a memorable, horn-led chorus and a meditative outro with tinkling keys that …

Noname: Rainforest

Noname’s new track “Rainforest” remains true to her staunchly anti-capitalist spirit while referencing the vulnerabilities, conundrums and joys that can exist alongside those beliefs. Over a jazzy, bossa nova beat, she name-checks Marxist political philosopher Frantz Fanon and Huey P Newton’s Revolutionary Suicide, questions how we can champion billionaires, and notes how capitalism is inherently racist. “Dyin’ on stolen land for a dollar like that …


A recent story in the New York Times points out that the hottest gadgets originate in Japan and take many months to make it over to the States, if at all. Duh. The most useful parts of this article, however, are the links to and Both sites specialize in distributing the latest and greatest from Japan.

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Pin Stripe Track Suit

From today’s DailyCandy: Today Puma unveils its pin-striped tracksuit. Supply is limited: only 345 worldwide. Priced to move, as they say on the trading floor. Made from traditional wool-suit fabric, each comes with standard pant details (satin lining, pin tucks down the leg, button closure on the back pocket). The blousy zip-up jacket, however, may have a cute little watch pocket but is far from …