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From space dust to preferred pronouns, thermal imaging and astounding architecture

Iconic Gensler Architecture + Design Projects

To honor the achievements of global architecture and design firm Gensler’s co-founder Art Gensler, who recently died at the age of 85, Dezeen selected eight key projects that highlight the diversity of their work. From one studio in San Francisco circa 1965 to 50 offices worldwide today, Gensler has influenced everything from the Shanghai skyline (with the 120-story Shanghai Municipal Government building, the city’s second …

GRRRLS Beach Towel


Wacky Wacko (aka artist/musician Seth Bogart and artist/designer Peggy Noland) has just released a new range of towels, covered in their signature kitsch-meets-punk designs. Our favorite of the four is the GRRRLS towel, which pays homage to NYC girl group The Chiffons, Swiss punk band Kleenex, English experimental rock outfit The Raincoats, and more. Measuring 34 by 66 inches, the towel is made from 96% …


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Instagram’s New Pronoun Option

Social media is inherently flawed, but Instagram’s new move to give users the option to display their preferred pronouns will hopefully expand people’s understanding of gender and normalize terms beyond the binary. Right now, Instagram users in the UK, Australia, USA and Canada can visit the “edit profile” section and enter their pronouns—with options ranging from the commonly seen they/their, he/him and she/her to lesser …

Toshiko Mori’s Brooklyn Public Library Central Branch Renovation

The National Register of Historic Places-listed art deco Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library (BPL) underwent a two-year interior renovation by architect Toshiko Mori. As part of a phased reopening of NYC libraries, visitors will be able to access Mori’s refresh, which includes a bright and spacious “New and Noteworthy” book gallery of topical works (right up front) and a community space called the …

Mesmerizing Imagery That Captures The Beauty of Chemistry

Within the new book The Beauty of Chemistry, Wenting Zhu and Yan Liang present 300 astounding images of elements up close. The duo used “infrared thermal imaging techniques, along with high-speed and time-lapse micro photography” in order to capture molecules and molecular reactions, according to Wired. Science writer and chemist Philip Ball penned the text, which deftly explains the principles behind the abstract, swirling and crystalline …

NASA Backs Three RISD Space Design Club Projects

Imagined by the Space Design Club at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), a space-dust repeller, a wearable rock sample container and an augmented reality headset for use in astronaut helmets are three proposals selected by NASA, from their BIG Idea Challenge, to receive further development. Each project is in a different stage of development, with many scientists (and students) working virtually. RISD’s Space Design Club …

Syng’s Cell Alpha Speaker Aims to Revolutionize Home Audio Experiences

A high-tech, 3D-printed orb fills space with sound and moves with you

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The latest additions to our shoppable directory

Small Rose Bowl


Crafted from borosilicate glass, this handmade rose pipe features thorns and leaves that are perfectly placed for use. Despite its lavish appearance, the pipe is a traditional size, though it boasts a deeper bowl. Available in several colorways, the navy option is both elevated and a little off-kilter. Nashville-based Burning Love also participates in the Aurora James 15% Pledge—wherein at least 15% of brands in …


Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom


Part of PHAIDON’s Explorer Series, Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom endeavors to illustrate the history and significance of flowers—across continents, cultures and eras. Chosen by a panel of experts (from art historians to botanists), the entries in the hardcover span sculpture, scientific illustration, film, floral arrangements, textiles, painting and beyond. The importance and influence flowers have on us is almost impossible to distill into one …


PC Portable Lamp


Designed by Pierre Charpin for Danish design brand HAY, this PC Portable Lamp features a USB-rechargeable battery and an energy-efficient LED bulb within that produces a warm white glow. The light can be dimmed or brightened thanks to touch control. Made from ABS plastic that’s finished with a scratch- and water-resistant coating, the light comes in six colorways—some of which boast several hues. Standing just …


Daily Moisturizer SPF 15


Mukti’s Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 ($54) provides near-instant absorption; perfect for reapplication during the day. Made with aloe vera, desert lime, green tea, jojoba, kakadu plum, rosehip and more, the ingredients are all-natural and clean. The lightweight formula leaves skin feeling moisturized but not greasy, and it’s unscented.


Thee More Shallows: Boogie Woogie

After 14 years, three-piece indie-rock band Thee More Shallows returns with a new album, Dad Jams, out 28 May. From it, the fourth single “Boogie Woogie” lays out some sonic expectations with its harmonic and pop-forward exuberance. It’s the album’s themes (aptly represented in the title) that lend gravity to the catchy tracks, as they address the intervening years and the role fatherhood plays in …

Middle Child: Burn Out

LA-based indie-pop duo Middle Child (aka celebrated songwriter and vocalist Mikey Wax and producer Jacob Lee) debuts with “Burn Out,” a slow-burning lead single from their forthcoming EP, which will be released on Casual Jam Records. From its pretty, piano-led pop sensibilities to its anthemic conclusion (with the empowered refrain “and we dance away”), the heartfelt track is an ode to those in our life …

Visiting “At The Luss House: Blum & Poe, Mendes Wood DM + Object & Thing”

In Ossining, New York, this trio of organizers returns with another stunning site-specific immersion

dtls.Architecture’s Glass Hudson Pool House on Airbnb

An architecturally significant home, nestled into Hudson Valley topography

MIIV: Umbra

The somewhat mysterious Brooklyn-based artist MIIV releases their EP Umbra on Friday. The title track (produced, written, mixed and performed by MIIV) is dark, cinematic and atmospheric—with metallic, industrial elements balancing a rich bass line and ethereal, layered vocals. “The song is a sadistic dance, you bend yourself to impress this one person to the point of unhappiness,” they tell High Clouds. “It’s tiring, but …

SWIMM: Spring Breaking Your Heart

An intimate rumination on relationships, performance and connection, “Spring Breaking Your Heart” from LA-based indie-pop group SWIMM premieres by way of a thoughtful narrative music video. As the beautiful track progresses, two theatrical characters explore their own identity and their feelings for one another. It’s a pitch perfect pairing of audio and visual artistry. Image by Alex Nelson

HARD FEELINGS: Holding On Too Long

HARD FEELINGS (aka Amy Douglas and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard) came to existence after Goddard publicly tweeted at Douglas, “Amy, can we make a thing?” Now, the duos is signed to Domino Records and just released their debut single, “Holding On Too Long.” The late-night banger melds lyrics about the demise of a relationship with uplifting, nostalgia-tinged dance. Douglas says of the collaboration, “‘Holding On …

Be A Bag

Anya Hindmarch, a British accessories designer, created Be A Bag as a charitable promotion. She offers you the opportunity to transpose a photograph onto one of 6 different style bags. Check out the site for some examples and inspirations from all her famous friends.

Cellphones Made Easy

In today’s NY Times Circuits, David Pogue reviews low end cell phones. It’s a pretty good overview of the most basic phones on the market. And, as always, it has Pogue’s witty tone. I like the Seussian opener: Red phones, blue phones, Cellphones, new phones! Look at all the things they do: This one has a camera, too. One has built-in G.P.S., One plays Tetris, …

Fashion is the other f-word

No Good For Me – Style plus Vice is Kat Asharya’s fashion weblog. She seems to focus more on the juicy street stuff than the runway cotoure, but covers a pretty good bredth.