Athleisure Wear From AEANCE

A new brand at the intersection of fashion, comfort and performance

As materials and technology continue to develop in the world of clothing production, it makes sense that there is fervent interest in clothes that support active, athletic use while looking good in the process. These advancements and practices are only part of what makes AEANCE interesting. The German-designed, Portugal-manufactured apparel brand, which debuted late last year, produces minimal activewear from premium materials including super-fine merino wool and several proprietary synthetics. The 19-piece debut collection gives the illusion of simplicity—by way of clean lines, slim-fits and block colors—but there’s more than meets the eye.

Founders Nadine-Isabelle Baier and Arendt van Deyk envisioned the brand based upon all of those aforementioned attributes. They then began to look at wool and synthetic textile blends from the world over. Ultimately, they settled on producers in Switzerland, Italy and New Zealand. They also stayed eco-friendly in their choice of factories, partnering with a tech-driven location in Portugal—one that specializes in high-fashion and premium sports. Baier and van Deyk also brought in German fashion designer Hien Le to imagine the pieces and turn a dream into practical clothing.

“The creative process and my approach for the design has been different and similar at the same time,” Le shares with CH. “In the first step, we spoke about the brand’s DNA and in which direction the collection should go in, as well as functional requirements and the structure of the collection. AEANCE matches perfectly with my own design philosophy in which I also give the highest attention to the quality of material and workmanship, as well as timeless elegance expressing itself through sleek designs, discreet cuts and the subtle application of details.” Le’s designs were engineered, put to the test and honed.

Baier speaks to the balance of natural materials and synthetics best. “The merino wool blends are antiseptic and transcend seasons: they keep warm during winter and cool in summer through the fantastic performance properties of merino wool,” she begins. “Highly stretchable and breathable schoeller®-dynamic fabrics assure protection from elements, added through water- and dirt-repelling treatments, such as Schoeller ecorepel—an ecological high-tech fabric finish that bio-mimics the natural impregnation of duck feathers.” Further, all garment seams have been laser-cut or bonded, rather than stitched.

Ultimately, the evidence of the collection’s value is clear when trying the pieces on and experiencing their comfort while recognizing they do look great. But for conscious consumers, the eco-friendly and ethical production offers sanctity of mind. In a way, this production reflects their clean, no-frills design. “We aim for reduction and thoughtful minimalism throughout the collection, including the technical specs and features,” says Baier. “So to speak,” she concludes, “We let the quality and attention to detail do the talking.”

Explore AEANCE‘s women’s and men’s offerings online.

Images by Cool Hunting