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Bing Bang Jewelry


Bing Bang jewelry, comprised of founding designer Anna Sheffield and her brother, Kevin Kearney, have thus far created two highly successful women's collections but they have set their sights on a men's collection this time around. Building on the raw and elegant style of the past women's collections, the men's line of Bing Bang references the Gangs of New York-era by trying to achieve a simplicity and roughness rather than the polish and gloss of a lot of the men's jewelry already out there. This rough and tumble 19th-century era may not immediately bring images of jewelry to mind, but much of the inspiration comes from the spirit of the times. "It was an era when stylistic individuality in New York was imperative," says Kearney. The era is invoked in the hand-pounded and finished clovers, tusks, anchors, and knives all hewn from mostly sterling silver, a little copper, and some 18-karat vermeil that adorn the jewelry.


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