B. Luxo Instagram Fashion Editorial

Styled iPhone shoots from a leading Brazilian vintage supplier

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Here’s one of the more ingenious ways we’ve seen people use Instagram: instant fashion editorial. Paula Reboredo and Gil França, the couple behind Sao Paulo vintage store B. Luxo, have come up with a way to market their goods and get a response immediately, by doing fully styled mini editorial shoots for Instagram.

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The couple began by posting images of selected clothing and accessories to their b_luxo account, and the response was so overwhelmingly positive—their current follower count stands at 1,523—that they’ve segued into full-on fashion shoots, all photographed in the shop.

Reboredo and França first style the models (who happen to also be clients), and then França (also a photographer) shoots the images on an iPhone 4. Despite the variety of photo retouching apps in existence, França’s approach is refreshingly simple: he only treats the image on Instagram, using the tilt-shift blur effect and applying a preset filter before uploading. The results give the images a retro sheen that are a natural fit to the clothing and accessories they show off.

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B. Luxo’s current editorial consists of 16 looks, and a previous shoot focused on a Halloween theme. The photos are posted with the name of the item and sizes. Comments from followers have reached frenzied heights, with users calling and reserving the pieces as soon as they appear in the feed. Reboredo and França plan to continue doing these fashion shoots into the near future. “It’s quick and efficient,” Reboredo said.

Larger brands are increasingly tuned in to the pictorial social media venue. Topshop hosted in-store, fully-styled Instagram shoots on iPads (the complete gallery lives on their Facebook page). Bergdorf Goodman launched an interactive Instagram shoe map with editorial-inspired shoe pics. B. Luxo, however, is the first we know of dedicating their account exclusively to editorial spreads.

Follow the boutique by their username b_luxo on Instagram to keep up with their latest features.