Word of Mouth: Athens Culture + Shopping

Vintage clothing, records, art and more in our guide to adventures in the Greek city

The references to Greek heritage in the Western world are endless. But zooming in on Athens culture reveals a diverse and talented group of artists, designers, shop owners and gallerists. Enlisting the help of CH friends Kiya and Demitra Babzani (experts of the area and the owners Self Edge), we have the lowdown some of the most inspiring and interesting stores and galleries in the Greek capital. And be sure to take a look at our guide to the city’s food and drink scene for when you need a break between cultural outings.


Local clothing brand ME THEN‘s flagship store in the Koukaki neighborhood is well worth stopping by. The brand uses Greek textiles and local factories to produce their wares, which span from street style to more formal offerings. Their energy and vision truly propel their products forward. Also, they’re building a cafe inside the store, if anyone needs another reason to stay a while.


Our pair of Athens experts regard Underflow as one of the best record stores they’ve ever been to. It’s not only a tastefully stocked shop, it’s also a gallery and event space. All three striking areas warrant a visit, but the shop’s selection is unrivaled—as is the staff’s helpfulness and musical knowledge.

The Art Foundation

Once an abandoned building, now a gallery, bar and retail space, The Art Foundation (or TAF) is thoughtfully curated and well planned. With provocative exhibitions—and covetable products in the store—it’s an ideal place to explore.


Bios is the city’s mecca for experimental and fringe electronic music. Consisting of a rooftop bar/club with a view of the Acropolis, a modern take on the traditional Greek taverna on the second floor, and a bar called Tesla on the ground floor, this outpost is made for late nights. While the space itself is an attraction, some of the most interesting DJs and acts coming through Athens will perform here.

Remember Fashion

For Athens, Remember Fashion is a legendary retail experience. The shop has been open since 1978 and is the epicenter of the city’s many subcultures. It’s now helmed by the founder’s son and his wife, who know more about Athens’ subculture scenes than anyone else. Peruse the countless treasures and oddities, and maybe grab a Remember Fashion T-shirt for a playful souvenir.

Images courtesy of respective venues