Bukvy Multi-Purpose Bags

A tote, backpack, laptop bag and handbag all in one from the Swedish design duo

“It started with an idea of the ultimate bag. One bag in many forms evolving as life does,” say Joanna Bark and Elena Ekström, founders of the Bukvy, whose multi-purpose bag doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics. The two designers knew each other as children and used to dream up the ultimate survival bag. “It needed to flat, able to contain a milkshake, be usable in space and fit a best friend inside,” Bark tells CH. Now, however, the design duo is more concerned with a bag that fits the demands of everyday life. No more dedicated totes, clutches, computer sleeves and gym holdalls: Bukvy’s mission is to create one bag for any and all purposes.

The multi-purpose bag (the first piece Stockholm-based Ekström and Bark have created together) boasts a combination of zips and straps to morph it into four different scenarios: a tote, rucksack, laptop bag and handbag. Handmade in Spain, each Bukvy product is the result of a lengthy process of iterations, discussions and testing—both regarding the design itself and the combination of its parts, materials and details. From the different material options, the tonal and textural variations in suede and leather elements also help create different looks—some of them have a vintage vibe, while others are distinctly more current.

“What started out as a longing to be on the run—a desire to be free and the satisfaction of knowing where your belongings are—has ended up in a life project,” says Ekström.

Bukvy multi-purpose bags (along with their other products) are available online for 7500 SEK.

Images courtesy of Bukvy