Purpose-Built Bags From Bravo Co.

A group of professional photographers and skateboarders create their ideal bag brand


It seems a bag company crops almost weekly, and though each label might bring something new to the table, highly considered design elements tailored for specific uses are rare. For the greater skate community, function and value weigh equally, which is good news for new bag brand Bravo Co., which excels in both realms. After an early collaboration with Union LA, the brand now presents its full collection. As the newest venture for a group of skate industry veterans (including Andrew Reynolds and photographer Atiba Jefferson), Bravo was started to provide an audience with clean, functional bags to carry all one would need while on the go.

Bravo-oscar-olive.jpg Bravo-foxtrot-blk.jpg

What stands out most about the admittedly conventionally designed line is the discreteness in design when it comes to carrying a skateboard. Rather than feature unsightly velcro straps prominently across each bag, more clever systems are utilized, making the bags attractive. In addition to the backpacks and duffle, the Niner case is a simple little pouch to carry a phone and an additional digital camera. Made of durable, waterproof nylon, the sleek case will always be smarter than a back pocket.

Having just recently launched, Bravo Co. is only available through a select few stockists. Visit Bravo Co. for more.

Images courtesy of Bravo Co.