CLAE + LIFUL Capsule Collection

California and South Korea unite for a minimal menswear collaboration

CLAE-for-LIFUL-1.jpg CLAE-for-LIFUL-2.jpg

While Japan may garner more attention than its neighboring countries combined when it comes to fashion design, those in the know have been watching Korea in recent years. Why? Because of brands like LIFUL. The modern menswear brand makes clean, minimal apparel that’s at home in just about any city on any continent—be it NYC, London or Stockholm. For the current A/W season, LIFUL teamed up with California’s CLAE to produce a four-piece capsule collection, which includes a premium full-grain tumbled leather version of CLAE’s popular shoe style Arthur, a refined court sneaker. The collection also includes an all-over print oxford, a melton wool bucket hat and a crisp coach’s jacket of the same material.

CLAE-for-Liful-Holiday-Melton-Wool-Bucket-hat.jpg CLAE-for-Liful-Holiday-Melton-Wool-Coaches-Jkt.jpg

While the white sneaker is the focal point in CLAE’s eyes (the red and blue lace tips sure are slick), the bucket hat and matching coach’s jacket are what caught our attention. Each made from sturdy boiled wool, the two pieces retain a natural water repellency, classic naval-inspired style and comfortable weight that will transition nicely from fall to winter—especially if you live in more moderate climates like that of Southern California.

The CLAE + LIFUL capsule collection is currently available in Los Angeles at Our Favorite Shop and in Korea at LIFUL‘s shops in Seoul and Busan. The Arthur court shoe ($125) is available from CLAE online as well.

Images courtesy of CLAE