Everything You Need to Know About Sneakers in 1500 Words


Wearing original Chuck Taylors and knowing how they got started are two different things. Fortunately, new men's footwear site The Shoe Buff offers a crash course in the history of what we wear on our feet. Their "Everything You Need to Know About Sneakers in 1500 Words" includes a "History of Sneakers in 150 words," lists of handy shoe-related websites and forums, as well as "50 Places to Buy Sneakers," with suggestions from L.A. to Singapore.

The novel resource is in line with The Shoe Buff's exhaustive coverage of new sneakers, where the well-heeled man can discover a burgundy Clarks Boot or straight tip Oxfords from the Japanese designer Lots.

The site has plenty more succinct and useful how-tos like this one so you never commit a shoe faux-pas again.