Botanical-Based F. Miller Cleansing Oil

The all-natural skincare brand adds a new product to its potent line-up

There’s no more longing for that squeaky-clean sensation many face washes leave behind, as we’ve learned it can mean we’ve stripped away natural oils, potentially resulting in irritation. Oil cleansers are a gentle yet efficient alternative, and Fran Miller has blended a potent all natural version for her eponymous line, F. Miller.

F. Miller’s range of pure, multi-purpose botanical formulations is essentially a shrine of oils: for the face, hair, body, and beard. Now, she’s introduced a new product for facial cleansing. The faintly scented, mostly argan oil-based offering feels every bit as luxurious as a department store buy, but it’s reassuring to know that, unlike those brand name purchases, this is free of synthetic fragrances, preservatives, SLS and the like.

“Personal skin sensitivities led me to explore natural beauty on a deeper level years ago,” Miller tells CH, “And the results I experienced from botanical ingredients changed my entire perspective on skincare. Still, I never wanted to compromise on the look, feel and experience that came with luxury products. And I felt natural and luxury didn’t have to be mutually exclusive.”

As for her cleansing oil, massage it onto dry skin, and grime (aka all those layers of sunscreen you’ve applied throughout the day) and makeup just slip off, leaving skin feeling supple and hydrated, not tight. “My goal was to create the perfect blend of deep-cleaning, naturally exfoliating oils that worked double-duty to nourish, soothe and replenish skin as well—rather than just a face wash, I like to think of it as an equally important step in one’s skincare routine,” Miller explains.

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F. Miller.

Images courtesy of F. Miller