Mixed Emotions Perfume

Mixed Emotions incorporates surprising scents to create an entirely transportive fragrance. The perfume boasts top notes of earthy, herbaceous maté and a little tang from blackcurrant; a heart of radiant, floral ceylon black tea and green, fresh violet leaves; and a woody, calming base of papyrus and birch. While the combination sounds busy, the result is divine—a slightly sweet but grounding scent.

Abroad Amalgamates Arabic Tradition and American Streetwear

Apparel adorned with a Saudi Arabian pattern traditionally reserved for older women

Abdulrahman Aldossry (aka NAN) founded clothing line Abroad with his childhood friend, Tony Fallatah. The two grew up in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, share what they call an “uncommon interest” in their home country and both fell in love with streetwear while studying in the USA, at a university in Pittsburgh. Abroad’s first collection, Taboo, incorporates an Arabic fabric known as Shalki—a …

adidas Skateboarding + UNITY Collaboration Collection

Representing, supporting and celebrating the queer skate community

Jeffrey Cheung—an artist, activist and skateboarder—co-founded UNITY with Gabriel Ramirez in order to represent, support and celebrate queer skaters within a culture historically infamous for its homophobic tendencies. The skate collective organizes skate days that create safe spaces for people of all sexual orientation, gender, color, age and ability; give away decks to queer people of color; and mobilize the community for skate protests—not to …