Factory People


Housed in a 3,000 square-foot former gun store with murals by artists like Kenzo Minami and Surface 2 Air adorning the walls, Factory People is the Austin spot to find the latest clothing, accessories, music, and—if the empty champagne bottles littering the roof deck are any indication—amazing SXSW parties. Cool Hunting stopped by the morning after their closing night blowout (where both Peaches and Annie performed) to check out the store that takes its inspiration from both Warhol’s factory and Factory Records.Their current collection includes New York mainstays like Yoko Devereaux, Earnest Sewn, and Just Another Rich Kid and lesser-known labels like April 77, a Parisian designer with details like guitar-pick pockets worn by flamboyant types such as Iggy Pop, 5EP’s everyman jeans, and 3.1 Philip Lim. Husband-and-wife owners Thomas and Le Popov curate the selection based on “the stuff we love” and “people who sweat the details,” tagging each item with designer bios and celebrity fans of the label and leading to collaborations like their “SXSW Sally” jeans, a super skinny pair made with LA-based Crate Denim, and an American Apparel pop-up store for SXSW.

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