Isaora + Ghostly Quadcube Insulated Shirt

A collaborative cold weather style staple from two creative powerhouses

isaora-ghostly-1A.jpg ghostly-isaora-1B.jpg

Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Ghostly International may have started as an independent record label, but the enigmatic group of creatives has long since shed such categorical limitations, making influential contributions in visual arts, product design, technology and publishing. Hot off of a successful collaboration with eyewear innovator Warby Parker and a record tote with RPMFG for DJs on the go, Ghostly has joined forces with NYC-based technical menswear label Isaora. The special edition Quadcube insulated shirt is exactly what it sounds like and—as with all of Isaora’s products—it’s executed with precision and close attention to detail.

ghostly-isaora-2A.jpg ghostly-isaora-2B.jpg

Cut like your favorite overshirt, the Ghostly Quadcube is insulated with 40 grams of PrimaLoft military-grade synthetic down lining for warmth even when wet. Throw it on by itself on a chilly day or use it as a mid-to-heavy base for colder days in the city or on the mountain. The PrimaLoft lining regulates body heat and pulls moisture away from the body, making it perfect for casual or active use. Isaora rebuilt their brand staple from the ground up, giving it the Ghostly treatment with a textured geometric quilt pattern and phantom black colorway. Paying respect to both form and function, the Quadcube packs up into its own pocket for easy stashing while traveling. Graphic designer Jakub Alexander created a special collaboration logo that calls to mind classic Joy Division album art as well as a jagged mountain peak, embodying both brands’ creative foundation.

The Quadcube insulation shirt is available for $265 from Ghostly and Isaora. Each shirt comes with a sticker designed specially for the project by Andy Gilmore and Ghostly even dropped a tune from Heathered Pearls for the release.

Images courtesy of Ghostly and Isaora