Isaora’s Insulated Indigo Shirt

A unique chambray shirt-meets-jacket hybrid that can tackle transitional weather

With the onset of colder temperatures in the northern hemisphere, light jackets and layering again return to one’s wardrobe. An ideal companion piece (or replacement piece, depending on the weather) for any autumn outfit, Isaora’s insulated shirts utilize Primaloft Gold insulation for the sake of retaining heat while keeping each item slender, so your overall look doesn’t become bulky or awkward. This proprietary material happens …

ISAORA’s Combo Down Moto Jacket

Combining two cold-weather style staples into one unique and highly capable garment

If NYC-based performance oriented menswear label ISAORA has taught us anything over the years, it’s to expect the unexpected. The brand continues to break new ground both in terms of aesthetics and functionality—a recent garment was designed to transform body heat into infrared energy, shown to improve circulation. Now, just as the coldest temperatures set in for winter in the northern hemisphere, ISAORA comes correct …

Tech 3L Sportcoat

The super-sleek silhouette is not to be mistaken for a delicate top layer in the case of Isaora’s Tech 3L Sportcoat. Its heavy-duty nylon panels—constructed from the same material in their snowboard gear—are welded to prevent even an iota of rainwater to permeate through, with an extra layer of taping on shoulders and arms.