ONU Apparel for All Genders

Everyday items in seasonal capsules, with a different designer for each collection

A lot of—if not all—emerging apparel brands seek to unite progressive style with reliable functionality. When settling upon one, in an ever-growing crop, it comes down to nuance and personal taste. A few elements of the process and vision behind ONU apparel really intrigued us to the point that we needed to get our hands on them. The brand, founded in Hong Kong by Paul Lee and Thomas Moon, partnered with the well-respected global manufacturing organization Sabrina. From there, they sought out designers in NYC, Shanghai and Rio (with each designer imagining one seasonal collection). In a way, their debut collection is a series of basics, but something more. There is minimalism, infused with the imagination of their debut designer—supported by quality fabrics and manufacturing processes—representing the overall message of the brand: clothes for people who do everything.

ONU’s debut collection, for Spring/Summer 2016 features nine pieces, four for women and five for men. While Moon (also the brand’s creative director) oversaw the collection, ONU brought in New York-based designer Diana Eng to imagine it all—and tapped into her technical expertise. All of it aims to be fabric-oriented. The women’s collection varies from Tencel, nylon and cashmere blends to 100% merino wool. There are subtle details that make the simplicity charming, rather than dull.

As for the men’s collection, the stretch jacket is a true standout, and composed of nylon and spandex for a four way stretch. The durable texture reveals water-repellent coating. It’s a bit dressy and a bit sporty. Altogether, these are not basic basics. Eng herself says that much of the inspiration was drawn from natural phenomena—from the mathematically derived to bioluminscent mushrooms and even crystal cenotes.

ONU clothing is sold exclusively online; browse their debut collection now.

Lead image courtesy of ONU, all other images by Cool Hunting