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Enhancing performance through good design

by Daniel Matallana, courtesy of Athletegy

Andrew Morrill is a former model with big legs who works out a lot. He was exposed to many brands over the years both through his work as well as his personal interest in being comfortable while working out, and it became obvious to him that 5″ shorts were the most functional to wear but always the most difficult to find, with 7″, 9″ or longer filling the displays at stores. Over conversations with his friend Mike Tedesco, who is also an athlete and has a background in finance and operations, the two realized that they couldn’t be the only two guys who sought out better fitting gym wear that was functional, performed well and met an underserved need. Athletegy—a combination of the words “athletic” and “strategy” launched in 2021 after a year of product development, and the brand is just hitting its stride.

courtesy of Athletegy

Their story is similar to that of many creators featured on COOL HUNTING over the years—if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the marketplace and you have the passion, make it yourself. With Morrill’s creative vision and Tedesco’s operational skills they realized that in addition to the passion they had the insight, skills and talent to develop and launch product to a competitive market. That they are both good looking guys with social media-friendly fit bodies is an additional asset.

by Daniel Matallana, courtesy of Athletegy

Athletegy’s design philosophy intertwines aesthetics and function and is best summarized in their signature Quad Short which offers ease of movement while also showing off a bit of leg. “I have big quads and I need a short that has a wider leg opening, otherwise it looks like sausage casings and it’s not a good look,” says Morrill with a laugh. Tedesco adds that “you frequently see people hiking up their shorts when they are working out and showing off their legs, so why not create a short where you don’t have to do that, where it works with you while you’re working out and has the right sized leg opening.”

Straight men, gay men—everyone wants to have a nice looking butt

Andrew Morrill

They learned a lot after their launch, and have brought a lot of market insight and customer requests into the short’s second generation. A mesh brief liner and chlorine and saltwater-proof anti-microbial 4-way stretch fabric ensure maximum versatility while exercising, and zippered side pockets—the right pocket also includes a handy phone sleeve so your phone doesn’t swing around—make them easy to wear before and after a workout. The rear rise of the short and seams are reinforced, and a wide waistband offers comfort.

by Daniel Matallana, courtesy of Athletegy

We’ve been testing the Quad Short and several of the brand’s tank tops and have been impressed with their comfort and performance. We’ve even noticed something that Morrill pointed out—that where the shorts sit on your thighs offers the best balance of functionality as well as making your legs—regardless of how meaty they are—look their best. The laser-cut rear ventilation panel not only keeps air moving, it also gives a slight lift to your butt.

Athletegy shorts start at $68 and tanks at $54 and are available in a range of colors and prints.

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