Paloma Germain Turbans

Parisian-made accessories that keep the head up high

Paloma Germain made quite the first impression during our chance encounter in Tuileries Garden in Paris. She stood out from the picnicking locals and camera-toting visitors because of the way she instinctively held her head high, hair tucked into a multi-colored turban. Compared to the passers-by walking hurriedly with necks hunched over phones, it made for a truly regal effect.

It turns out the 24-year-old Parisian artist and textile designer makes the turbans herself, from high-quality silk and other materials, including a glittery silver fabric. A hidden bendable wire makes each piece easy to fold and tuck. “I decided to create the turban like a superpower for women. Like a root inside the brain, to be more confident and beautiful,” Germain tells CH. “My work on turbans is a deep search on how to be a ‘woman’ with all the joy—and a real ‘queen attitude.’ I like to imagine each women is a seed of a queen.” For some, it will take guts to don such an attention-grabbing accessory, but once the silk is tied around your head, you can’t help but walk a little taller.

If there’s only one or two ways to wear a hat, Germain is attracted to the versatility of her silk pieces in how they can be bent, shaped and folded. “Every woman has a different way to wear the turban.” And for those living in regions where the temperature is only expected to drop further, Germain is introducing alpaca pieces for the first time. The alpaca is sourced from Peru, and made into turbans as well as bonnets or caps. As they are seasonal winter items, more designs will available on the site soon.

Shop the turbans online from Paloma Germain’s online shop; the pricing is based on the size of the turban material.

Images courtesy of Florence Goupil