1,000 Living Botanicals Dangle Below a Sliver of Rolling Hill at Maison St-Germain

An NYC-based landscape design firm translates St-Germain liqueur into an artistic floral landscape

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Inside Brooklyn‘s Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, a 1,200-square-foot vegetal installation floats 40 feet in the air. From afar, it appears that a sliver of rolling hill has been plucked from a mystical, green landscape. Up close, however, one learns that its underside is a dangling root system composed of more than 1,000 flowers. This is the centerpiece for the third annual Maison St-Germain, a homage to the world-renown elderflower liqueur so frequently used in cocktails.

Landscape design firm the Manscapers worked with production company The Gathery to bring the sense-driven and sensational greenscape to life. “We created a lush and dynamic landscape within a monumental space, reinterpreting and reiterating a 1,000 elderflower meadow,” the Manscapers’ Garrett Magee, James DeSantis, and Mel Braiser share with us. “Creating a dynamic and interesting art piece like this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a colossal undertaking, but we really found our joy in an unexpected place working on this entire project, and executing such an achievement for us and the brand.” Their inspiration may have been the purported 1,000 elderflowers within each bottle of St-Germain, but their execution is one of unbridled imagination.

Further, all remaining plants after the exhibition ends will be donated to GreenThumb, a move that “really rounds out the project to be both an amazing public work, and also charitable.”

Maison St-Germain, at 67 West Street in Brooklyn, will be open to the public 21-23 June.

Images courtesy of Benjamin Lozovsky