Shirts My Way: Custom Bespoke Mens Shirts

by Mike Giles


With today's busy lifestyles and what seems like never ending schedule constraints, Shirts My Way offers visitors a great way to get a perfectly fitting, high quality bespoke shirt without the usual cost and time associated with a brick and mortar shirtmakers shop.

By simply logging on to their website and using their intuitive and interactive design panel, users can quickly customize the collar, cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, monogram, and many more details.

In addition, Shirts My Way offers the option to choose individual fabrics for all elements of the shirt such as pocket, cuffs, back yoke, collar, etc., creating an almost infinite amount of customization.

Launched in February of 2009, Shirts My Way offers a great introduction for those tired of the generic size spectrum and disappointed by the customization and features at a local tailor or department store.


With turnaround time at approx 15 working days ( as short as 9 days for an addition $10 USD) and prices starting as low as $75 ( including free worldwide shipping) there’s no reason to settle for an ill fit.


If that’s not enough, from today, Friday November 20th to Tuesday Nov 24th, shoppers are privy to a free $100 Christmas Gift Certificate with any purchase exceeding $200. So go ahead and smarten up your wardrobe as well as think about a gift for a good friend.