Connect-the-Dots on T’aint by Ashish T-Shirts

Half-illustrated acts of love and lust make for very playful apparel

A longtime member of the VFILES community, London-based designer Ashish Gupta has made a name for himself thanks to a frequent and extravagant use of sequins within the collections of his eponymous label. A new capsule, however, plays with a different type of circle. T’aint by Ashish, a series of seven T-shirts sporting risque and sexualized designs, features half-complete illustrations of couples copulating.

Gupta chose to finish the designs with connect-the-dots points and associated numbers. The visuals are suggestive enough to get the message across without completing the work yourself, but people who buy them are welcome to go ahead and do so. An array of couple-types are featured (as well as a threesome) and the shirts themselves are named for the position they reflect (for instance: Suck, Lick, Ride, etc). All of the shirts are made in England, and really, it’s the blend of childhood art form and adult themes that make these entertaining, cheeky and ultimately playful.

The T’aint by Ashish collection is available online at VFILES for $120 each.

Images courtesy of Ashish