Since this spring, San Francisco-based fashion designer Zoe W. Brent has been giving used “hoodies†a new lease on life with her line called Hoodfix. “I guess I started getting into hoodies particularly when I started living in SF where there's no season where you don't want to be wearing one, since it's foggy so much of the time,†Brent tells Cool Hunting.

Featured in Thrillist which noted that Brent is a “one-woman operationâ€, each garment is hand-sewn from quality, preowned hoodies that have been abandoned by their previous owners.

“I work very spontaneously, no patterns, each piece starts from a used garment and then ends up as unique item that incorporates the eccentricities of the piece it started from,†Brent says. Starting around $50, Brent takes orders on her website in which you can describe, in a few sentences, what kind of style you are after. Once that's done, you'll just have to have a bit of faith. But from the samples we've seen, you're in good hands.


“I really like collaborating with people so that the result is something special for that person,†she says. Still another option is to provide her with an old hoodie of your own which she will retool into a new-styled garment that still has the sentimental value of its earlier incarnation.