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Tumi Yellow Jacket



, the bag design innovators, will be venturing in to the apparel arena this Fall. Yellow Jacket, their first product in this space will be in stores by November. It might seem strange for the bag company to get in to apparel, but it actually makes lots of sense. Tumi’s products are travel related and the next evolution in traveling light might just be no bags at all. That’s where the Yellow Jacket comes in– its innovative 7 pocket system makes room for lots of carry-ons. I’ve had a chance to preview this piece and I liked what I found. It’s made from Coolmax R fabric, which means it’s super light weight, comfy and water resistant. The pocket layout is really sensible, comfortably allowing for stowage of a cell phone, music player, airline tickets, keys, pens and much more. Though the music player pockets are more geared toward CD players than MP3 players, it’s still quite accommodating of my iPod. The other factor, of course, is that it’s quite good looking– the clean lines offset the techiness of all the pockets.


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