Aromatherapy With Vitruvi’s Essential Oils

For taking deep breaths in stressful times

‘Tis the season for stress, guaranteed—especially for those of us who haven’t been able to sleep soundly after 8 November. A few mindful changes to our everyday routine have helped us stay grounded, whether it’s taking a self-imposed break from social media, dancing the anxiety off, or taking moments to focus. Facilitating the latter? Essential oils, which you can pick up from your local Whole Foods. We’ve become particularly smitten with Vancouver-based line Vitruvi, whose sleek dark bottle designs evoke the periodic table elements. It looks less like you swiped it from mom’s bathroom mirror cabinet, and looks at home in any room.

Founded by siblings Sara and Sean Patton, Vitruvi makes sure the ingredients within the bottle are high-quality, too. “Providing the most premium essential oils on the market is incredibly important to us,” Sara tells CH, adding that they source their essential oils from over 30 countries. “Many companies will add diluting oils to higher priced oils to stretch the oil but we never add any fillers, synthetics or fragrances to our oils.” Beyond offering 100% pure essential oils, Vitruvi’s mission is to educate more people on how versatile the oils are. It’s not just about making things smell good (though that’s a nice bonus). Their different blending kits, for example, package oils that help facilitate a restful night of sleep, cleaning around the house, even getting the skin to glow.

For those who find essential oil blending and filling up diffusers (Vitruvi offers a beautifully minimalist one, in black or white, made from porcelain) too much of a hassle, there are also pre-blended roll-ons and face and body mists for quicker application. But incorporating essential oils into your morning routine can be as simple as massaging a few drops on the wrist, or as this helpful post shares, using it in the shower—breathing in the hot steam and changing this chore into a ritual. Find the collection online at Vitruvi.

Images courtesy of Vitruvi