Maapilim’s Ingredient-Driven Collection of Men’s Grooming Products

Inspired by the Mediterranean, a collection of essentials made with wellness of spirit and body in mind

As an alternative to testing and acquiring gels, serums and lotions that work well for your skin type, Tel Aviv-based grooming essentials brand Maapilim launched Good Face Day, a comprehensive subscription box filled with their products. Available as a one-time or bi-monthly purchase, or in a bulk, six-month supply, the luxurious collection of potions alleviate dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles and dull skin. Each product proves particularly effective because of its ingredient-driven composition, a decision founder and CFO Jonathan Keren attributes to his “personal search for slowness.”

“Doron (my husband) and I were working for a start-up company, and were inspired by the Italian ‘Dolce Vita’ to take a step back and bring in more balance into our lives,” he says. “When we started thinking about this direction, a million different ideas came to mind. One of them was a stronger connection with nature, especially with our roots. We were born and raised around the Mediterranean, and everywhere we went around this Sea felt like home. Later, when I started my personal journey with aromatherapy, I was attracted to the scents that I felt more connected to. The essential oils from our area had an immediate emotional impact on me.”

Beyond the prix fixe box, Maapilim offers other carefully formulated products for the rest of the body. This furthers their mission of being an all-encompassing provider of grooming goods. Surprising concoctions like an exfoliant made from olive kernel powder; an all-purpose oil made from a blend of jojoba, sweet almond and scotch pine oils; and a hair pomade scented with dark caramel are available in their shop—alongside staples like shampoo, conditioner and face wash.

“Our subscription, Good Face Day, is an entry-point to our key mission: inspiring men to create slow and calming rituals around their skincare routine,” Keren tells CH. “It’s an easy to use, bi-monthly foundation to premium skincare for men, and includes the basics every person needs to start and end their day with. Skincare isn’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all, and we encourage customers to find whatever works for them, in combination with whatever other brands they love.”

But, in testing each of Maapilim’s products alongside iterations from other brands, key distinctions surface. Maapilim’s products nourish the skin without clogging it or feeling heavy. The essential oils’ aromas linger on the skin in the same way a fine fragrance does. Moisturizing and cleansing, these products also offer invigorating and restorative qualities—both mentally and physically.

“At the base of aromatherapy is the impact scent has on the mind. There’s a lot of science behind this, but we all instinctively know that we have this visceral reaction to scent. Sometimes having very positive (or negative) reactions to it,” Keren explains. “We use essential oils as a tool to help calm the mind and encourage people to take a deep breath.”

Images by Dan Perez and Liron Erel for Maapilim