Alice Longyu Gao feat. Mura Masa + Bülow: She Abunai

Featuring Mura Masa and Bülow, NYC-based songwriter, DJ and performance artist Alice Longyu Gao’s new track “She Abunai” begins with whispers, giggles and bubbly, latex sounds, but eventually unfurls into a more melodic track than her previous offerings. The catchy tune boasts a distinctly avant-pop vibe, replete with industrial and dance influences that create a simultaneously metallic and sugary sound.

Interview: Róisín Murphy

The pop vanguard on her new album and making club music during isolation

Cult favorite Róisín Murphy has been entrenched in dance music for 20 years, but avoids labels like “disco queen,” “electro-pop icon” and even “singer-songwriter.” The Irish artist is indeed all of the above, but those categories are also too simple. Known for conceptual looks, off-kilter shows and an almost performance art approach to pop, she has been known to call herself a “conceptor.” No matter …

Deradoorian: Saturnine Night

Angel Deradoorian returns with “Saturnine Night,” seven minutes of rolling, thunderstorm-like soundscapes and vocal surges. The track introduces the art-pop singer’s latest album, Find The Sun (out 22 May from ANTI-). “A lot of these songs are about trying to reach yourself,” Deradoorian says—and the expansive, celestial stylings of the single certainly underscore this.