Touring Shel Silverstein’s Fanciful Former Houseboat

In Sausalito, California’s picturesque Richardson Bay, children’s book author Shel Silverstein’s former houseboat floats on the waters like a ramshackle wonderland that only his imagination could dream up. Inside the 1,200-square-foot WWII-era balloon barge, old meets new as reclaimed architectural features and colorful stained-glass windows jostle with contemporary upgrades. See more photos at Apartment Therapy.

International Women’s Day: Book List

Some of our favorite reads that celebrate and amplify women's voices

The Western world is undeniably built for men. So not just on International Women’s Day, but every day of the year, we should actively seek ways to advocate for women. One of the easiest ways is reading more women writers, seeing more shows by women artists, watching more films by women—altogether listening to, celebrating and amplifying these voices. Here, we’ve gathered together a list of …

Design Indaba 2020: Writer, Designer, and Branding Expert Debbie Millman

In Cape Town, the educator explains how branding stems from the symbols we created to telegraph our differences and affiliations 32,000 years ago

A careful observer of the world of design, Debbie Millman approaches her work as a designer, illustrator, author, teacher, branding consultant and speaker with grace and acumen. She has worked with hundreds of companies and corporations on branding projects that have become exemplary case histories studied all over the world. In 2005, she founded Design Matters, an award-winning podcast for which she has interviewed 500+ …