An Uncuttable Material Inspired by Abalone Shells

A new material called Proteus made from “ceramic spheres embedded in a cellular structure made of metallic foam” that’s believed to be uncuttable could revolutionize security. Inspired by abalone shells—which are composed of an essentially weak material that’s arranged in a manner that makes the shells super-strong—Proteus may be used in various ways, from bank vault doors to bike locks. After being tested with angle-grinders, …

Leather-Covered Bike Chain

Measuring just under three meters long, Map of Days and Shinola’s leather-wrapped chain bike lock is stylish and protective. The Horween Essex leather shields the heavy-duty chain within, and protects a bike’s paint job in the process. Further, the hefty, almost industrial-sized padlock is an upgrade for both safety and aesthetic purposes.

Altor’s Foldable, Titanium Bike Lock

An engineering student crowdfunds a lightweight, convenient and secure option that clips onto your bag or belt

Manufactured out of Bethlehem, PA is a new alternative to the heavy steel U-locks that cyclists carry around grudgingly. Users seeking convenience in most cases have to sacrifice security, but Altor’s folding bike lock hopes to appeal to both. Made from Grade 5 titanium and weighing 560 grams (about 1.23 pounds), it has a patent pending three-piece joint that counteracts one of the biggest weaknesses …