BLESS + Table of Contents Bike Locks

U-Locks and cable locks hand-wrapped in colorful, reflective wire and hemp twine

TOCxBlessBikeLocks.jpg TocxBlessBikeLocks2.jpg

For their spring product theme of “Getting Around,” Portland’s Table of Contents online and brick-and-mortar retail platform linked up with the Berlin- and Paris-based design studio BLESS. The resulting limited edition set of bike accessories (part of the BLESS N°46 Contemporary Remediation collection) includes bright and wildly designed U-locks and cable locks. Each has been hand-bound in France from hemp twine and colorful, reflective wire over a steel core—with eight lock varieties from Kryptonite, Btwin, ABUS, and Stahlex. High-end, incredibly effective and with a jarring take on industrial sensibilities, the sinewy locks deliver an electric visual energy. Table of Contents has become known for their international selection of unique offerings and this collaboration with the enigmatic folks at BLESS showcases this identity to the fullest—plus it’s a playful (yet serious) way to keep your beloved bike safe and sound.

BLESS + TOC bike locks are available online, with prices starting at $323.

Images courtesy of Table of Contents