Nokē Smart U-Lock

A connected, app-enabled and handsome device to protect your beloved urban steed


No matter how structurally sound one’s bike lock is, there’s always the sneaking suspicion that somewhere a thief’s bolt-cutters are equally capable. As home lock systems become connected, smarter and thus better at their job of protecting, so too have bike locks. Few however match the styling and quality of the Nokē U-Lock. After the success of their smart padlock, Utah-based startup FŪZ Designs created their rugged, bike-specific u-lock replete with a universal Bluetooth Smart connection and dedicated app. Users can easily lock, track and share access to their bike. Should your phone die or go missing, you can still manually key in a code to open the lock. For extra security, the lock features an alarm should someone attempt to crack open the lock or button-mash the keypad. Rest assured, your bike is safe with the Nokē. Plus, it’s one less key to carry.

Early supporters can secure their own Nokē U-Lock for just $99 via Kickstarter.

Images courtesy of FŪZ Designs