Hexlox Saddle and Wheel Bike Lock

An inconspicuous, magnetically powered safety latch that fits inside of bolts

Anyone who’s gone through the annoyance and disappointment of bike parts being stolen will understand the importance of a discreet but powerful means of protection. There are a few options already on the market, but none of them are foolproof and several are expensive. Hexlox, which launches today on Kickstarter, proposes something more effective. The discreet, magnetically powered lock fits within the top of hex bolts, and closes it off to all tools. Each Hexlox owner is given a proprietary key (unique entirely to them) that fits within their lock (or locks) to disable it. There’s no tool out there that can pry it out (including high-powered magnets) and the challenges it proposes to potential thieves make it most valuable. To guarantee its reliability, it was even tested out by the Berlin Lockpicking Society.

The Hexlox comes in various sizes (standard four, five and six), meaning there’s one for just about all types of bicycles. All pieces are made in Germany, where Hexlox’s founder Marcus Tonndorf resides. According to Tonndorf, the idea appeared “after having spoken to hundreds of bike shops and bikers and realizing that all the

products on the market to protect parts were either hard to install, didn’t fit all the parts, demanded that you added or removed parts or did not look very attractive.” Tonndorf partnered with Ian Berrell (who had previously developed a combination component lock) and the two set out to perfect the idea of converting normal bolts into security bolts in a way that was quick and easy for users. After years of development, they settled on this patented idea. Ultimately Hexlox will be crafted from rust- and weather-proof high-quality stainless steel so to always look good, no matter what it faces while locked up outdoors.

If fully funded, a €19 Kickstarter pledge would guarantee two HexLox and the accompanying personalized key. Delivery has been proposed for June 2016.

Images courtesy of Hexlox