Gudak Cam “Disposable Camera” App for iOS

Simulate the much-loved, analog Kodak experience that's fading into history

From a “film roll” of 24 shots to three days dedicated to “processing” after images are snapped, the Gudak Cam app does more than borrow graphic design from the disposable cameras of yesteryear; the company is attempting to replicate the emotions affixed to the process. With regard to design, the sideways layout of the “camera back” and the tiny viewfinder help to recall the physical …

Sun Surveyor App

Natural light doesn’t have to be the trickiest part of taking a photo. Built for professionals, the Sun Surveyor app tracks everything pertaining to the sun and moon—golden hour, blue hour and beyond. Further, there’s a location-sharing feature to let colleagues and collaborators know your movements. This is a planning tool that offers plenty of foresight and even includes an interactive map.

Digitize Physical Prints With Google’s New PhotoScan App

With Google’s new PhotoScan app, one can digitize their physical photos at home using only the standard smartphone camera. It’s not quite up to par with a scanner, but it’s a substantial improvement upon snapping a photo of a photo and cropping. Using four points on the hard image, the app initiates a more accurate, thorough capture. Additionally, the Google Photos app also received an …