VSCO Cam 4.0 for iOS8

Photo essays, long form content and a new iPad-specific development for the much loved camera app


With a consistently growing user base, easy to use functionality and a hashtag that’s everywhere, VSCO has been the photo editing app of choice for a while now. But with their latest update, launched today, new features take the brand in a broader direction with the same appreciation for sharp aesthetics. Their brand new Journal aspect allows users to create photo essays and even long-form written content—to be shared or kept private—for the sake of greater storytelling and thematic unity. In a way, Journal takes on Tumblr, offering another level for VSCO’s community to continue to grow. Oftentimes, users edit and push elsewhere; VSCO is saying: stick around. And they’ve made it pretty enough to do so.


The introduction of VSCO for iPad marks a first (previously, the app was only available on iPhone and Android phone). With this latest update, the editing tools have been optimized to take advantage of the full screen. Specifically, while editing, a Gallery Preview lets users view filtered images side by side, as opposed to one at a time. The gallery itself allows users to achieve a cohesive aesthetic across imagery, for example, if multiple photos were captured on the same trip or at the same event. There’s also a “layers” feature, much like in Photoshop, that allows for keeping track of and saving editing steps along the way. It’s a vast upgrade for potential usage. The functionality has also improved, with controls on both sides of the screen so the iPad can be grasped with both hands.

If you’re already a user, a lot of these features will offer increased potential for use. If you’re not yet, and a top-tier mobile device editing system appeals to you, as well as a new community for sharing (or storing) your images, then this upgrade might just make it worthwhile. And, with the Sync feature, images captured on one device can be wirelessly accessed on others, bridging the gap between mobile devices and allowing for a streamlined workflow—this will be especially helpful for DLSR users.

VSCO is available for free download for iPhone and iPad through the iTunes app store.

Images courtesy of VSCO