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Cinemin Turns Photos and Videos into Clever Illustrations and Animations

The newest app from Tinrocket offers lots of control for quick and fun creations

Captured in Cinemin by Josh Rubin

Cinemin is a new app that allows you to capture or import photos and videos and apply real-time effects that transform them into line, color and motion animations. Presets are available for quick color and style adjustments and fine tuning tools afford endless tinkering. All the of the app’s functionality is free; a paid upgrade is required for high resolution exports.

Video from camera roll turned into animation by Josh Rubin

Cinemin is developed by Tinrocket, an indie studio founded by John Balestrieri, who has made award-winning apps like Waterlogue and Olli. Cinemin is inspired by traditional animation art and films, and it aims to open a mirror world filled with vibrant and expressive imagery. Unlike other apps that use generative AI to produce their output, Cinemin is built on the hard work and artistic vision of its creators. No artists’ work was used to train Cinemin, and all the processing is done on your device.

Video from camera roll turned into animation by Josh Rubin

Photos and videos can be captured directly in the app with a real-time preview of the effect. Or you can import anything from your device camera roll. Once your content is in place different preset styles are available for quick edits or you can use image adjustment tools similar to other photo editors to fine tune. You can also switch to Cinema Mode, which gives you an immersive full-screen live viewer.

Cinemin is a free download from the iOS App Store.

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