Gudak Cam “Disposable Camera” App for iOS

Simulate the much-loved, analog Kodak experience that's fading into history

From a “film roll” of 24 shots to three days dedicated to “processing” after images are snapped, the Gudak Cam app does more than borrow graphic design from the disposable cameras of yesteryear; the company is attempting to replicate the emotions affixed to the process. With regard to design, the sideways layout of the “camera back” and the tiny viewfinder help to recall the physical experience. With an elimination of any sort of instant review process, they’ve also reinstalled value of patience—and recollection when packages of photos would return from the lab. Invented by Korean start-up Screw Bar, Gudak’s a modern trip down memory lane and with the inclusion of occasional light leaks and color casts, there’s imperfection that’s quite a breath of fresh air when considered opposite the calculation of Instagram posts.

You can buy Gudak Cam online for $1 at the iOS app store.

Images courtesy of Gudak Cam