Ginger-Flavored Caramels

Made by family-owned, Seosan-based Badasoop, these caramels provide a twist on the traditional Korean candy Yeot—which can be made with all kinds of bases, from rice to sorghum, pumpkin or corn. Badasoop’s iteration (made from rice) replaces sugar with ginger, elevating its flavor from syrupy sweet to sophisticated and zesty. Each minimally designed box contains 18 individually wrapped caramels.

Ten Delectable Chocolate Treats That Defy Expectation

From the utterly odd to the refreshingly simple, welcome variations on standard issue bars

We believe chocolate goods can be assessed by a succinct set of criteria: the amount of ingredients they employ, which state of cacao they use as their basis, and the inventiveness of the accoutrements. While chocolate purveyors adhering to fair trade certifications and committing only to all-natural ingredients and no additives, used to be few and far between, those that impress with quality and conscience …

Compartes Chocolate Opens Luxe LA Flagship

Chocolatier Jonathan Grahm tells us about making his chocolate dreams come true

Jonathan Grahm began working in the world of chocolate when he was 15 years old. Nine years later, he bought the Compartes Company and has overseen its expansion and rise in acclaim since. The original Compartes, in LA’s Brentwood, was a shop and kitchen that spanned about 1,500 square feet. Now, in addition to its Century City location, the brand has opened a flagship chocolate boutique and …