“Banners” Skateboard

Designed for Queer Skate Day in Paris, France, the “Banners” skate deck comes from artist Jeffery Cheung’s Unity—a radical, queer skate collective and skateboard brand. One side of the 8.25-inch deck is marbled green while the other is dark peach. The deck celebrates inclusivity, with the artist’s signature artwork on one side and Unity’s logo and slogan “Like it or not!” on the other.

A New Zine on Consent Created By Four Skateboarding Collectives

Ask Campaign Collective is a group comprised of four women and non-binary skate groups: Doyenne, Consent is Rad, Consent for Breakfast and Hera Skate. Together they produced Ask, an educational zine (whose profits go to Consent is Rad) that seeks to make the skating community safer and more inclusive. The zine, launched in April for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, tackles challenging and uncomfortable topics—like how …

Pho The Girls’ Women-Empowering DJ Workshops in Hanoi, Vietnam

The collective, music label and radio fostering a more gender-inclusive nightlife in Vietnam and beyond

When night falls in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam, an electric energy appears. Bar promoters boasting venues’ offerings spill onto the street, where large, lively groups of patrons imbibe amidst a smörgåsbord of music emitted from closely packed clubs. Behind the turntable, a growing number of women DJs are paving the way for a more gender- and sexually-inclusive scene in Vietnam’s nightlife. At the …