Sans Form Art Prints

Minimalist posters donning bright and bold, but simple designs

wave_mock_sans_form.jpg AndWhat_Poster_sans_form.jpg

Though some creatives have questioned the effectiveness of teamwork in recent years, there’s no denying strength in numbers when it comes to unique collectives like Sans Form, a recently launched hub and web store hosting an ever-changing group of international designers. Firm believers that simple is better, the collective offers a wide range of minimal, modern posters designed by both well established design firms and emerging individuals—though a feeling of aesthetic uniformity is seen throughout. Whether you prefer bright or basic, Sans Form’s Art Prints offers something for each type of design enthusiasts—so long as you subscribe the Mies van der Rohe’s illustrious motto. Each 18 x 24″ poster sells for just $25.

Images courtesy of Sans Form