Women-Led DJ Collectives Rule NYC’s Club Scene

The empowering women-centric DJ collectives that are dominating NYC’s clubs are full of longtime artists who have been playing venues for years. The collectives focus on collaboration and amplification in an industry where women are still underrepresented. “We don’t really talk about who the hottest DJ is. We’re more into cultivating individuality and ushering what you have out into the world” Emma Burgess-Olsen (aka Umfang of the Discwoman collective) tells the New York Times. Collectives (another one being Working Women) oftentimes act as reinforcements when women DJs are underpaid or mistreated—in some instances, they have been able to “magically double” rates. Tao Leigh Goffe (an assistant professor at Cornell, who writes about DJ culture and gender) says that men in DJing often have a more “ego-driven process. Women have a different approach. They’re more collaborative.” Read more at the NY Times.