Microsoft Proposes “Virtual Commutes” For Employees Who Miss Theirs

Time in transit lends a definitive start and end to work days—a moment to pause and prepare before entering the work environment (or file away, at the end of the day). With so many people no longer traveling to their office, Microsoft is working on an update for its Teams app, a sort of Slack-Zoom hybrid for companies that use the Microsoft suite. Scheduled for next year, the new version will offer users time in the morning to plan the day and set weekly goals as well as moments in the evening to reflect on the day or report on progress made. Rather than an extension of the work day, Microsoft hopes the update encourages employee wellness. They believe leaving space for individuals to decompress or prepare will decrease the desire to check in when they’re off the clock—especially considering Microsoft reports more than 50% of Teams “chatter” happens between 5PM and midnight. Read more at WSJ.

Image courtesy of Mary Altaffer / AP