Stephen Henrich’s Infinity Bike Moves Without Wheels

Reimagining the concept of a bike, Stuttgart, Germany-based designer, robotics engineer and architect Stephen Henrich unveiled the Infinity Bike, an award-winning creation that replaces wheels with a large, caterpillar-like chain element that can fluidly switch between functions and is propelled by a central pinched structure, a crank over a short chain and an eight-speed gearbox. Henrich tells Mashable, “It’s a bicycle with a frame and something like a fork. So, we have a handlebar, we have a saddle, we have peddles and all that. But apart from that, it’s something completely different.” While the bike is currently in its prototype phase, it is slated to have improved traction when compared to a traditional bike and plans to be fully rideable in the near future. Learn more about it at Mashable.

Image courtesy of Stephen Henrich