Big Thief: Off You (The Breeders Cover)

For record label 4AD’s 40th anniversary covers compilation, Bills & Aches & Blues, folk rockers Big Thief deliver a touching rendition of The Breeders’ “Off You.” Pared back but powerful (quite like the original), the cover finds lead singer Adrianne Lenker breathing her signature sound into lyrics made famous by the inimitable Kim Deal. Lenker succeeds where others would fall short.

Amanda Palmer + Rhiannon Giddens: It’s A Fire

With recording artist Amanda Palmer on lockdown in New Zealand and MacArthur “Genius” Grant-recipient Rhiannon Giddens quarantined in Ireland, the duo determined to collaborate remotely on “It’s A Fire,” an entrancing Portishead cover with a message that resonates through current circumstances the world over. Palmer tapped regular collaborator Jherek Bischoff to arrange the track from LA (where he hired local string players to record in …

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From Afropop to avant-pop and a "Thong Song" cover, our favorite new songs this week

Amber Mark: Thong Song (Sisqó Cover) Sisqó’s 1999 campy hit “Thong Song” may be oft-disparaged, but it remains a masterstroke written by the then-19-year-old. NYC-based singer, songwriter and producer Amber Mark has just covered the track—and with relish. Mark (whose style pulls elements from countless genres, including R&B, dance, pop, bossa nova and beyond) says, “Yes, lol I covered ‘Thong Song.’ I HAD TO DO …