“We Create Anyway” Contest Harnesses Creativity for Good

An open call for original recipes, cocktails, songs, paintings, photography and more

Launched at the start of widespread social distancing measures, the We Create Anyway contest aims to evoke courage through creativity, even in the face of uncertainty. A call for submissions seeks diverse entries from all over—with no real guidelines for what’s eligible so long as it’s an original creation. This includes recipes, cocktails, songs, paintings and photography. Each week (for at least five, but likely longer) winners will be chosen at random and cash prizes or sponsored gifts from Sertodo, William Grant & Sons and others will be given away. Funds raised during the contest’s duration—from donations received through the organization’s Get Involved tab—help the hospitality industry and the charismatic and talented individuals who sustain it.

“If you’re an artist, create art. If you’re a songwriter, write a song. If you’re a videographer, make a video. If you’re a photographer, take photos. If you’re a chef, cook something. If you’re a bartender, make a drink,” the We Create Anyway organizers—Elliott Clark (who is behind cocktails and spirits platform Apartment Bartender), Eric Donzella, Abigail Plonkey, Hannah May, Bri Rios, and Justin Great—explain in the contest’s guidelines. “Or, create something completely out of your comfort zone. Whatever it is, just put your heart into it.”

Detailed instructions on entering—how to sign up, how to be sure your entry will be considered, and more—occupy the organization’s homepage and Instagram feed. Winners so far include a cosmic self-portrait, a poem of hope, and a cocktail photograph. The second week’s winners are set to be announced today, 20 April. So far, they have raised $15,000.

“With Apartment Bartender, a big part of my life revolves around the hospitality community, which has taken a massive hit as a result of Covid,” Clark tells CH. “I don’t work in bars directly, but so many of my closest friends do, so I couldn’t just sit back and not use my platform to help in some capacity. All funds raised through this period are going directly to Another Round Another Rally to provide emergency financial aid to unemployed hourly workers in the hospitality industry.”

Images courtesy of Elliott Clark