Hope Tala: Leave It On The Dancefloor

West London-based artist Hope Tala’s “Leave It On The Dancefloor” is a shimmery, synth-driven track. The buoyant tune—co-written with Mozella (aka Maureen Anne McDonald) and produced by Greg Kurstin—is an optimistic ode to the power of dancing your woes away. “I wrote this song imagining what I would want someone to tell me while I was going through a hard time. The chorus lyric encapsulates it all: ‘So come on leave it on the dancefloor, leave your worries all behind and let the night take the pain away,'” Tala shares in a statement. “Going out was something I missed intensely through the various COVID lockdowns, particularly when I was feeling down in the dumps. It was something I didn’t know how much I valued until it wasn’t possible or safe anymore. A lot of the music I’ve been writing since the pandemic started has been exploring the wonder and joy of that experience: the community that lives among the heat of happy bodies on the dancefloor—how precious that is.”